Bottle Forms

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I first begun making bottle forms using slip and straw back in the mid 90’s but it wasn’t until 2002 that I was able to realize my vision of exhibiting them together as a large group. Since then I have shown them in a number of different venues and formations. 

I love the fact that this installation is constantly changing and evolving and that no two showings are ever the same.  New bottle forms are created and added to the piece whilst others move on and are dispersed on an international scale as people buy them. Some have gone afar afield as Australia and Florida! To me this reflects the natural growth and change that takes place within any society or community. 

The “bottles” are arranged as on a journey – a metaphor of the journey of life we are all on. I have taken moulds from a wide variety of bottles; large and small, exotic and ordinary, old and contemporary, from those that exist for aesthetic purposes to those that are purely functional. By “re-making” them all out of the same materials and placing them together within this new context I am drawing attention to the things that unite us as human beings whatever our role or status in this life. 

The bottle forms are made from slip and straw, the latter burning away during the firing process. The surface texture gives a sense of aging and decay, reminiscent of objects that have been dug up after hundreds of years or been reclaimed from the depths of the sea. It acts as a reminder that ultimately, whatever our role in life, our physical bodies are all made of the same matter and are subject to decay.


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