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I was born in Aylesbury and spent my childhood in the village of Longwick, near Princes Risborough.  From 1987-1990 I studied Fine Art, specializing in Sculpture, at Exeter College of Art and Design and then completed a PGCE at Birmingham Polytechnic.  I returned to Bucks in 1991 to teach Art full time at Pipers Corner School near High Wycombe.  After a number of years I made the decision to go part time in order to spend more time on my own art, especially developing my passion for ceramics. Since then I have successfully managed to combine teaching part time with working in my studio a few miles outside of Aylesbury. 

I work primarily with clay using a range of innovative techniques to create a variety of work, from installations and sculpture, to wall reliefs, bowls and smaller pieces. I love experimenting with the materials and pushing the boundaries of traditional ceramic practice to “see what happens.”  My inspiration comes from a range of sources including all aspects of the natural world, ageing and decayed found objects and archelogical artifacts. Drawing also plays an important role in my creative practice, both as a means of recording and understanding the world around me and as a way of exploring new ideas. I have filled many sketchbooks over the years and rarely go anywhere without one! Running through all of my creative practice is my experience as a Christian and I see my art as an expression of my personal journey of coming to know God as loving Father and awesome Creator. 

I have taken part in a number of local exhibitions including Bucks Open Studios on several occasions.  In May 2008, I exhibited in Westminster Hall, London as part of the Pentecost Festival and have sold work as far afield as Australia, New Zealand and America. However, the business side of being an artist does not come naturally to me and I am at my happiest when engrossed in a project at my studio with my hands in the clay! I have also led a number of creative workshops locally and been Artist in Residence at Pipers Corner from 2010-2011 where, together with a group of students we made a permanent wall piece for the school. Both these are areas I hope to develop further in the future.

In September of last year I took a year sabbatical from school and travelled to New Zealand for six months, returning in March of this year. The first three months of that time was spent on a beautiful and remote island off the coast of Auckland, taking part in a school organised by Fatherheart Ministries. During the second three months I travelled extensively in New Zealand seeing as much of that amazing country as I could. The whole experience has been a completely life changing one for me and since my return to the UK I have been enjoying a new freedom in all aspects of my life including my creativity. I am currently exploring many new ideas in my art, inspired by my time in New Zealand and I look forward to seeing how these develop in the weeks and months to come as my creative journey continues.


May 2015




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