About Me

Sue-Jane Mott – Ceramic Artist

I was born in Aylesbury. I studied Fine Art at Exeter College of Art and Design, specializing in sculpture, before completing a PGCE at Birmingham Polytechnic. For over 20 years I have combined teaching Art part time in a school near High Wycombe, with doing my own ceramic work in my studio just outside of Aylesbury.

I work primarily with clay and my approach is experimental often pushing the boundaries of traditional ceramic practice. Over the years I have developed a number of techniques which reoccur within my work. My inspiration comes from many sources including all aspects of the natural world, archaeological finds and the way nature encroaches on the man- made object or environment. Many of my pieces also carry a strong connection to specific places such as New Zealand where I spent six months in 2014-15, and the site of my studio which has been in my family for three generations. Drawing also plays an important role in my creative practice, both as a means of recording and understanding the world around me and as a way of developing new ideas. I have filled many sketchbooks over the years and rarely go anywhere without one.

My most recent body of work is my “Caddis Fly” series. These came about when I spotted an image of Caddis Fly larvae in a book and was drawn to investigate these amazing structures. I love the way the Caddis Fly larva constructs its casing from whatever bits and pieces of debris it finds around it and this seemed to echo elements of my working practice. I had already been experimenting with paper clay which is the perfect material for such an undertaking as it allows me to incorporate small pieces of pre fired ceramic within the structures. Each piece has been built up over several days and weeks using many of the techniques I have already developed but combining them in new ways. While the early pieces most closely resemble the cases of Caddis Fly larvae, as I have progressed each new piece has begun to take on a life of its own. I am continuing to develop new forms and ideas based on this starting point.



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